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Thrasher Skateboard Magazine | Karl's Friend Rick

You’ve seen the amazing video, now it’s time to delve deeper into the Kyle Frederick story…

Kyle Frederick's “12 o'clock Karl” part fucking rips!

Getting ready for his ‘12 O’Clock Karl’ part tomorrow Kyle Frederick comes through with the newest Knows video clip. #KnowControl.

Video Check Out: Kevin Scott - Transworld Skateboarding

You might not have heard of Thunder rider Kevin Scott before but if his TransWorld SKATEboarding Video Checkout is any indication you can expect to see a lot more of Kevin in the future.

Buckle Up. Erik Ellington General E4

Clive Dixon pieces together a quick footed line with a sick ender in this #FiringLine from Thrasher Magazine.

Tom Karangelov Feeble Pop Over. Photo -asmith photography-. #KnowControl

Tom Karangelov Feeble Pop Over. Photo -asmith photography-#KnowControl

Ishod Wair Bum Rush The Spot!

Ishod Wair Bum Rush The Spot!

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to all around nice guy and amazing skateboarder Tom Karangelov.

Frankie Heck Knows - Thunder Trucks

Frankie Heck Knows Control. Click the link to see Frankie’s Knows video clip, interview and photo. #KnowControl